GU Roctane Energy Gels

Get GU brings a great tasting range of Roctane energy gels to dedicated athletes & sportsmen. Roctane energy gels will do complete justice to your taste buds while pumping you with specially formulated & safe form of stamina. GU Roctane is the next best thing happening to sportsmen and fitness freaks. This unique formulation of performance boosting nutrition keeps you hydrated, mentally sharp and energetic, especially when the body’s glycogen levels start depleting. It not only contains a great balance of carbohydrates and amino acids using a mix of maltodextrin and fructose but also the right flavours to keep your taste buds off. Unlike standard electronic brews which most people drink because they have, this energy replacement drink does not put you off. For long workouts, racing days and intense fitness sessions, stay charged to achieve your goal with this healthy & safe nutritional drink.

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