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GU Gels,Chews and Sports performance drinks

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gu gelsGet GU specialises in sports nutrition products like sports gels, chomps and electrolyte replacement drinks. All the GU products including sports gels, chewables and electrolyte hydration drinks are made with the best ingredients and are available in a variety of succulent fruit flavours.

Sports nutrition products from Get GU aim to make athletes go longer and faster than they ever have before. Athletes from all around the world appreciate the convenience, taste and benefits gained from performance-enhancing products such as GU gels,Roctane Gels, GU Chews and GU Hydration drinks.

Get GU provides you with extra doses of high-quality, long-lasting energy in various forms. Unlike other sports gels, GU gels contain a very precise, patented blend of carbohydrates, electrolytes, amino acids and antioxidants. Suck on GU gels throughout your workout and ensure proper hydration, prevent muscle tissue damage and speed up your recovery.

If you’re craving for something to chew on, then GU Chews are perfect for you. These energy chews contain all the benefits that GU gels are known for—but in chewable form. These delicious Chomps come in an assortment of caffeinated and caffeine-free flavours.

Sports energy drinks aren’t known for their taste. However, Get GU offers a selection of electrolyte hydration drinks that are as flavourful as they are effective. These tasty drinks play a crucial role in preventing dehydration, as well as increasing your stamina and endurance. Just mix GU electrolyte Hydration drinks in your water to get that extra boost of power.

No matter how you want to take them—in liquid, chewable or gel form—Get GU products are exactly what you need to pick up that pace.





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